We want to hear from you! 2018 Site Selector Call for Panelist Nominations.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

In an effort to provide the best experience as possible for our membership, the Board of Directors would like to hear from you. In the past, the Competitive Conference committee has worked with the Board to develop a list of site selection consultants to invite to be panelists. We have had many comments from the membership in recent years on who should be invited to the panel. Therefore, the Board and committee would like to hear from the membership through a Call for Nominations for panelists. Please take a few minutes to consider who you would like to hear from and why. Perhaps a consultant you have worked with in the past on projects, a consultant that you have heard speak before or a maybe a consultant with whom you have a relationship. The Board and committee will be considering these recommendations as we prepare for the next conference in December. Please complete the short online form by February 28th at https://maedc.formstack.com/forms/siteselectorcallfornoms2018 to let us know who you would recommend and why so the Board and committee have full knowledge on why this individual has been recommended.

If you have any questions or comments please contact our office at 614-228-4725 or tracey@assnoffices.com. Thank you for your input.


Chris Strayer, Mid-America EDC President

Category: Mid-America Competitiveness Conference & Site Selector Forum