LEARN about emerging trends & best practices at Mid-America Economic Development Council events and monthly webinars.

NETWORK AND GATHER NEW IDEAS from economic development professionals across the Mid-America region at two conferences and throughout the year. You will come away with new ideas, a broader perspective of community and economic development issues, and useful contacts.

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS WITH CONSULTANTS at the December Competitiveness Conference – one of the best conferences offered each year for interaction with national consultants related to economic development.

GAIN MULTI-STATE VISIBILITY & create awareness of your organization by submitting your best practices entries for our annual economic development awards program.

DEVELOP REGIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES by sharing and learning best practices and resources related to rural economic development with Mid-America Economic Development Council members.  You will also have access to recent research via our Rural Initiatives research project.

LOCATE & KEEP IN TOUCH with economic development peers through an online Membership Directory.

RECEIVE DISCOUNTS to Mid-America Economic Development Council Conferences, and attend FREE monthly webinars.

ACCESS JOB POSTINGS in the members-only section of the website. 
DEVELOP ECONOMIC, COMMUNITY, AND WORKFORCE STRATEGIES by sharing & learning best practices with Mid-America Economic Development Council members - to strengthen your organization’s regional approach.

SITE SELECTOR DATABASE Access a list of professional site selectors provided free of charge on the members-only section of the website.

MONTHLY E-NEWSLETTER Receive updates about Mid-America EDC events and Midwest successes in our monthly e-newsletter.