Sunflower Electric Economic Development

• Hays, KS 67601
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Sunflower Electric Power Corporation takes pride in being a not-for-profit electric utility operated on the 7 cooperative principles. We provide wholesale generation and transmission services to our member distribution utilities that serve families, businesses, and communities in 58 counties throughout central and western Kansas.

Our home is more than the geographic center of the United States; it’s the place we’re privileged to live and serve. Sunflower Electric Economic Development promotes economic growth in the 58-county region of central and western Kansas where our member cooperatives ensure the health and vibrancy of our communities in two ways:

  • Sunflower works directly with businesses and site selectors considering business location and expansion in the region, helping them find properties and make their projects run smoothly.


  • Along with our members, Sunflower assists communities in developing and certifying business sites and building their capacity to compete for new business projects.


  • Sunflower Electric Economic Development is a collective initiative of our members and Sunflower Electric Power Corporation. We continue to take pride in being pioneers in seeing the potential in our communities and businesses, in trying new ways of doing things, and remaining committed to our goals.

Whether you represent a community served by one of Sunflower Electric Power Corporation's member's or a business looking to grow, please explore our site and learn how Sunflower Electric Economic Development can help you thrive at the center of it all.