Mid-America EDC Board Member Spotlight: Timothy Robinson

Monday, November 28, 2022

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Meet Timothy Robinson, CEcD, EDFP, Michigan Director and Director of Operations, Lenawee Now

Timothy Robinson has been a Member of Mid-America EDC for ten years, and on the board for five years.

Tell us about yourself! What are your economic development specialties and main areas of focus? 

I have been an economic developer for 25 years and my entire career has been spent in my home state of Michigan working in countywide private/public economic development organizations. I earned the CEcD certification from IEDC in 2004 and the EDFP certification from NDC in 2014. I have had the good fortune to be an econ dev generalist for my entire career, which has let me experience almost all aspects of this profession. Perhaps my favorite area is working with people as they begin their entrepreneurial journey. Coaching them, advocating for them and finding resources for them.

What makes Lenawee Now unique?    

We believe that partnering with regional communities benefits us all. Just because we compete with each other does not mean that we cannot work together as well. Given that our “region” shares the same basic labor pool, what benefits one of us, benefits all of us. We work attractions, programs, etc. with “out-county” partners as well as “in-county.”  We also work with Ohio agencies since we share a border.  

What have been some of the organization's major accomplishments?  

While we have had our share of successful attractions/expansions (although more is always better), I think our major accomplishment of the last several years is building a talent development system and team to address the talent shortage.  At first it was convening employers to determine their greatest common needs and work to address them. Then it grew to reach out to potential employees as well.  We have created programs to highlight skills and occupations needed here in Lenawee to K-12 students. We have also created trainings and certifications for many skills that area employers need.         

What are your favorite places and things to do in and around Lenawee County and in Michigan?  

Lakes. Lots of Lakes. I tell visitors that our unofficial state motto is, Great Lakes: No Salt, No Sharks, No Problems. There is nothing better than relaxing on a warm shoreline, thankfully Lenawee County and Michigan have plenty.   

What are some of the hidden gems that people might not know about?  

Adrian College, Siena Heights University, Michigan International Speedway, The Croswell Opera House, Multiple Symphony Orchestras, several Carnegie libraries, multiple wineries /tasting rooms, Hidden Lakes Botanical Gardens to name a few.

How do you spend your downtime? 

Learning, mostly non-work related. There is a plethora of wonderful online courses about everything. History, literature, and various hobbies are my favorites.  

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